Nonton Sunshine Becomes You (2015) Sub Indo LK21 Online Movie 21 Hermes21

Sunshine Becomes You (2015)

Quality: Year: Duration: 126 Min

Alex Hirano, a famous pianist of Japanese descent, is often in a bad mood. He is grumpy thinking of his concert to be held in a week. Nothing could change his bad mood, even his own brother, Ray Hirano, members of the B-Boy group. One day, Ray invites Alex to meet the girl he loves, Mia Clark, a talented contemporary ballet dancer, where she teaches dance. For Mia Clark dancing is her life. No one is able to change it despite her physical condition preventing it from reaching her goals. When she is desperate and wants to do something stupid, she inadvertently causes Alex Hirano’s left hand broken.

Language:English, Bahasa indonesia, Italiano

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