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Say I Love You (2019)

Genre: Drama
Quality: Year: Duration: 106 Min

Sheren (Dinda Hauw) is not only chasing her dreams, but she is also fighting for love. Sheren is an energetic, full of ideas and hopes young lady, secretly admired by Robert (Alvaro Maldini) who is an ignorant and troubled young man. Hand in hand with Sayydah, Olfa, Yohana, and Ridwan, Sheren tries to rebuild their school’s reputation so other schools will not underestimate them. Sheren has developed a strong bond with a school that has given her a million dreams and hopes. Sadly, this is not an easy battle for Sheren and it is even harder to love Robert back due to strict rules imposed by the school.

Tagline:It’s Another Kind of Love Story
Language:Bahasa indonesia

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